Different colored spheres attract and repel eachother based on random weights. Positive (green) means attraction. Negative (red) means repulsion.  You can violate Newton's 3rd law with this. Example:

"Red" attracts "Blue" with 500 units of force. But "Blue" repels "Red" with 500 units of force. Result: Red will continuously chase blue. You can combine these colors to reach many interesting combinations. I was able to get a basic electron together. 

I'm still working on it, trying to get it more user friendly. Please post suggestions in the comments. Also upon uploading this, middle mouse click drag doesn't work in WebGL. I will fix that later. I intend to have a "save/load" feature, so people can save their setup as a string and share interesting examples with others. 

Inspired by CodeParade's video(Please check it out, their videos are awesome): 

StatusIn development
Made withUnity

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